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Bit2Bit runs a network of Bitcoin auto-tellers enabling fast, easy conversion between Bitcoin and cash.


It's Easy

If you have Bitcoin to buy or sell, Bit2Bit makes it easy. Our Bitcoin ATMs are designed to be super-easy to use, for the first-time cryptocurrency user, or the expert alike.

It's Fast

Just enter your wallet address, or simply get the ATM to scan the QR Code right off your phone, then insert your cash. Your Bitcoin will arrive in your wallet almost instantly. If you don't have a Bitcoin wallet our ATM will issue you with a paper-wallet which you can scan later, or upload to your digital wallet.

Alternatively, if you wish to register, you can simply come in and tap your finger on our biometric keypad and withdraw cash from your digital wallet immediately.

It's Secure

Your money is in safe hands. All transacitons are logged just like a standard ATM, and regular users can choose to associate a biometric fingerprint with their wallet, meaning only that person can use our network of machines to access them.

Our ATMs are made to be secure, using industry-standard, hardened components.

Buy Bitcoin

Simply walk up to one of our ATMs, supply a Bitcoin wallet address, and insert cash. Congratulations, you just bought some cryptocurrency. If you don't have your own digital wallet then we'll create a paper-wallet for you.

Sell Bitcoin

Simply walk up to an of our ATMs, scan the QR code with your wallet software, or, if you've registered, just tap your finger on the biometric ID panel, send your Bitcoin to the ATM, then withdraw cash from the machine immediately.